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Paper Shapes – Creatology paper shapes

For those who love cutter paper shapes certainly already know the Creatology paper shapes kits available online for sale. You can have it in a ton of different style paper shapes (dove, robot, hearts, boy, girl, circles, squares, butterfly, and many other pre cut paper shapes).

You can use those pre cut paper shapes to make a lot of different crafts. The prices range from less than a dollar to 3 dollars. You can buy it on all different sizes and shapes. You can use it on scrapbooking and in all of other different kinds of paper crafts.

If you want to achieve some 3d effect, you can buy some 3d paper shapes. You certainly have seen some 3d paper shapes art effects on scrapbook pages and thought about how beautifully it looked and how was it done. With these pre cut paper shapes, sometimes doesn’t take much to have amazing 3d effects on your cards or pages. By using paper cutter shapes you can rapidly add some nice smaller shapes to your paper craft.


Making 3d paper shapes flowers


Take a look at this video to learn about it! :

Buying some basic paper cutter shapes (paper punches) can be the fastest way to craft a nice paper flower. You can buy circles and hearts pre cut paper shapes if you don’t want to invest on those paper punches. You can make a flower with petals using repetitive shapes. Use a heart paper cutter shapes to form the petals. Cut several heart shapes and place them over each other forming a flower shaping mat. Once you have all the petals around each other, press on the pointy end

of the heart and with a roll tool ( looks like a stick with a ball on the end) add a cup like shape to lined hearts. After press the round part of the heart (the petal) with the roll tool to give them a round shape. Do this to all the petals and assemble the flower using adhesive to keep all the petals in place.


 Making 3d paper shapes leaves

Once again you can make some paper leafs looking quite real using a paper cutter shapes. Punch a heart paper shapes, cut it down the centre lengthwise and finally finish trimming the shape into a leaf. Don’t forget to have a rounded end and a pointy end on the leaf.

Take a look at this video to have a better idea: